Consulting to Improve the Composting Process, Meet Regulatory Expectations, or Improve Product Quality

Dr. John Paul has an extensive background in the theory and practice of composting, as well as developing compost products. We can assist you with feasibility studies to determine if composting is a good option for you, provide suggestions and feedback to improve your composting process, and assist you or compost facilities in your community meet regulatory requirements.

Recent consulting projects that Transform has been involved with include:

Designing a new compost facility for the Town of Ladysmith

Working with various communities and agencies to reduce the environmental and social impact of the composting process

North Jersey RC&D, New Jersey: design and aeration system for a four aerated bin composting system

EcoDepot, Thunder Bay: planning and design for a 30,000 tonne per year composting facility

Comox Valley Regional District: review of composting facility and process, updating Operations Plan, and making recommendations for expansion

Canadian Food Inspection Agency: managing composting of 250,000 birds, eggs, manure and feed in an Avian Flu event in British Columbia

City of Penticton, BC: Design of an Aerated Static Pile Biosolids Composting Facility

Biocentral, BC Assisting with setting up composting program for biosolids and yardwaste/foodwaste

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Design of an Agitated Bed Compost System for Slaughterwaste

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Feasibiity of Using Compost for Raspberry Production over the Abbotsford Aquifer

City of Whitehorse, Yukon: Review and Recommendations to Improve Their Composting Process

Bowen Island, BC: Assistance with Designing a Composting System for Their Community

Mexico City: Preliminary Design for a 1000 tonne per day Greenwaste and Foodwaste Composting Facility

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We are committed to using our 30 years of experience to encourage composting processes that are environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable

We encourage recycling organic matter effectively to produce safe and high quality composts!