Aerated Bunker Composting

Aerated bunker composting is an excellent composting option for 500 to 50,000 tonnes per year of organic waste. The aerated bunkers can be enclosed in a building, or can be outdoors, depending on the climate and the location. The aerated bunkers provide a contained composting solution, where odor control can be achieved using a layer of finished compost on the material in the bunkers, or can be in combination with an enclosed building with an external biofilter.

Aerated bunker

Aerated bunker composting systems are positively aerated using either PVC pipes in trenches in the floor or the Foundation Air aeration system. The aeration system can be controlled using timer and temperature feedback. Time vs temperature graphs can be generated via computer or a datalogging system. Transform recommends at least one mix during the composting process to ensure potential pathogen and weed seed kill.

The aerated bin system works as part of a complete composting solution, using the Supreme Enviroprocessor to prepare the organic waste for composting, and Compostex breathable fabric for protecting the curing compost.

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