Providing Air Through a Concrete Floor to Optimize Your Composting Process

Designed by composters for composters!

The Foundation Air aeration system is designed to provide optimal aeration for your composting material, allow the heaviest loaders to operate on the floor, and provide optimal leachate collection and drainage.

The Foundation Air aeration system can be used with aerated bin systems, covered aerated windrow systems, and turned and aerated windrow systems. This aerated floor is designed primarily for positively aerated systems but because the spigots are made from HDPE, they can be used for a negative air systems and a fully compatible with HDPE pipe.

SEC aerated floor

The Foundation Air system is specially formed spigot that can be attached to all types and sizes of piping and is completely customizable, allowing users to change the distance between aeration pipes as well as the hole sizing and spacing. The top of the Foundation Air spigots allow attachment of a 1" x 2" form to create a trench, ensuring that the aeration spigots remain below the wear of the loaders. It also allows easier construction of the aerated floor. The Foundation Air spigot is designed to minimize risk of air-hole blockage.

In development of this aeration floor, we considered five foundational aspects to be important:

1. Operate loaders on the floor without damaging piping

2. Construct and install the aeration system efficiently

3. Provide air consistently throughout the length of the pipe

4. Minimize the risk of hole blockage and simple to clean

5. Ease of shipping aeration system around the world

For additional information on design and installation of the Foundation Air aeration system, click here.

For additional information on the history of development of the Foundation Air aeration system, click here.


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