We Can Provide An Aeration Control System that Fits Your Project!

Transform provides complete aeration control solutions, including controlling aeration and exhaust blowers, biofilters, leachate and irrigation systems.

For some compost facilities, the aeration control consists of a simple aeration blower timer. For others, it can include computer control of timer, temperature and other parameters. We can design systems that work with either wired or wireless temperature probes.

Computer controlled systems can also include a weather station for complete data and system monitoring.

Food Waste Pilot Aeration Control

We use quality components - for example our beta computer control system developed in 2004 was still operating flawlessly longer after its components were obsolete!

Aeration control systems can also be simple timer and temperature feed back systems. The photo on the left shows the control system we used for the food waste composting pilot program in 2006.

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