The Rotoking Turner Can Turn Higher Moisture Content Materials into High Quality Compost

Airfloor Diagram

The Rotoking turner is a cost effective way to compost clean agricultural wastes such as separated dairy manure and poultry manure. It also manages well with clean anaerobic digestor digestate, transforming it into high quality compost. It is tough, dependable and automated so the operator can be doing other useful tasks while the machine is turning.  Automatic stops and shutoff switches give peace of mind and allow for safe and reliable automated operation.

The RotoKing compost turner utilizes 5 ft high by 20 ft wide concrete channels. The turner rides along the top of the wall and is self tracking so no rails are required.  Large paddles mix and move the composting material, breaking preferential air pathways and moving the composting material 9 ft along the channel.

The RotoKing compost turner runs with a pressure compensated hydraulic system powered by a 30 hp Baldor electric motor. The average forward speed is 2 ft per minute and depends on the density of the material.

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