Prepare your material for composting with a Supreme EnviroProcessor mixer.

A Supreme EnviroProcessor is the first vertical waste processor designed to meet the requirements of the composting industry.

Mixer Augers

The Supreme EnviroProcessor cuts and blends various organic waste materials such as green waste, vegetable waste, food waste, biosolids, mortalities and wood waste in any combination. The result will be a consistent blend with an even distribution of moisture and porous materials. This results in a faster composting process with reduced odor emission.

Supreme International manufactures EnviroProcessors with a range of sizes from 300 cubic feet up to 1400 cubic feet in either stationary, truck mounted, or pull type models.

Supreme EnviroProcessors are manufactured with AR200 steel walls, an external frame system, heavy duty planetary drives, and new longer lasting knives. Options include stainless steel or AR200 steel floor and wall liners, Omnex remote control systems, and heavy duty discharge conveyors.

For more information on the benefits of the Supreme EnviroProcessor for mixing biosolids for composting, click here.

Below is a video of a Supreme EnviroProcessor 300 stationary that has processed biosolids for 10 years, with no maintenance other than a new battery!

For more information on the Supreme EnviroProcessor series, click here.

Below is a video of a mobile Supreme EnviroProcessor 500T used for composting source separated food scraps for the City of Whitehorse

Below is a video of the very first mix of biosolids and woodwaste at the City of Winnipeg in October 2014

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