Aerated and Turned Windrow Composting

Aerated and Turned Windrow Composting

The best quality compost can be produced in the shortest amount of time with a combination of aeration and turning. This composting process is the best option for very large composting projects in that it reduces capital costs by requiring a smaller footprint for composting, and reduces operating cost by utilizing the turner to blend the compost. The turning process can be done on a weekly basis which lowers the operating costs compared to a turned (unaerated) windrow system.

The size of the windrow is dictated by the size of the windrow turner. Many windrow turners operate windrows that are up to 8 ft high and 20 ft wide. We are currently working with turner manufacturers to allow the windrow to be up to 30 ft wide.

This type of project utilizes aerated windrows outdoors, windrows with covers, or inside a building. As with the aerated windrow systems, the ideal floor for this process is having the aeration piping embedded in the concrete. A building structure can consist of a simple roof structure to keep precipitation from entering the composting material, or a completely enclosed and negatively ventilated building.

This technology lends itself very easily to a phased in process that utilizes existing turning equipment at composting facilities where odors are becoming a community concern. The first step is create the aerated floor, which decreases the time required for composting and significantly decreases odor during composting. The second step is a building enclosure if required to allow the moisture content of the composting material to be managed. The last step is to enclose the building and utilize an external biofilter if required.

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