Aerated Windrow Composting

Aerated Windrow Composting

Aerated windrows are a common method of composting. Forced aeration combined with the natural chimney effect of a windrow provides a cost effective composting option. Windrows can be designed up to 30 ft wide, 15 ft high and up to 200 ft long. This technology is able to manage very large volumes of material. Windrows can be outdoors and uncovered, covered with a breathable cover material or a layer of finished compost, or inside a negatively ventilated building.

For specific information on an Aerated Windrow Composting process inside a building, click here.

This indoor aerated windrow system utilizes four 23 ft wide by 14 ft high aerated windrows, inside a 100 ft wide by 150 ft long corrosion resistant building structure.

Aerated windrows make excellent use of space, reducing the footprint and construction cost for a composting facility, especially where the process needs to be enclosed in a building with odor control. The aerated windrows require at least one mix during the composting process, which is achieved using a large loader.

Aerated windrow technology can utilize aeration systems embedded in the concrete, such as the Foundation Air system, or can utilize pipes above grade. We have also been successful in designing an aeration piping system in a trench filled with woodchips in a clay pad. Our clients have found that embedding the aeration pipes in a concrete floor is the best long term option.

“We are committed to using our 30 years of experience to encouraging composting processes that are environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable.”

“We encourage recycling organic matter effectively to produce safe and high quality composts!”

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