Agitated Bed Composting

Agitated Bed Composting – A Continuous Flow Process

Transform offers an agitated bed system that operates in 5 ft high by 20 ft wide aerated concrete channels with the Rotoking compost turner. This system is great for continuous flow processing of clean organic wastes such as biosolids, anaerobic digestate, animal manures and pulp sludges. This system is a great option for facilities processing 5,000 to 20,000 tonnes per year of organic material.

Agitated bed composting systems can produce the highest quality compost in the shortest time period, and make the most efficient use of indoor composting space. Agitated bed systems work well in conjunction with Supreme Enviroprocessors.

A four channel Rotoking system can be housed in an enclosed building with a biofilter located immediately beside it.

For additional information on an Agitated Bed Composting project, click here, or the Award Winnning Project for Lafleche Environmental, here

“We are committed to using our 30 years of experience to encouraging composting processes that are environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable.”

“We encourage recycling organic matter effectively to produce safe and high quality composts!”

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