Compost Facility Operator Training

On-Site Compost Facility Operator Training

Dr. Paul has offered Compost Facility Operator Training in the classroom to more than 250 compost facility operators from 2006 through 2016. He now offers on-site Compost Facility Operator training to provide compost facility operators with training specific to their compost operation in addition to the theory provided in the Compost Facility Operator Manual. Compost Facility Operator training includes compost facility commissioning or compost facility review to assess how the
composting process can be improved. Transform also provides instruction videos and instruction sheets

Compost Facility Operator Training Sheets and Videos

Measuring Moisture Content in Compost

The Bucket Test – Measuring Bulk Density of Compost

Measuring Air-filled porosity in compost

Measuring oxygen in compost – keeping the microbes happy

Measuring Compost Maturity Using a 1L Thermos


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