Compost Facility Operator Manual

A resource book for your compost facility operators

This book was updated in 2015, from the first version published in 2009 coauthored by Drs. John Paul and Dieter Geesing. The book unfolded as a result of 3 years of teaching compost facility operator training courses and understanding what the participants wanted to take home with them.

This Compost Facility Operator Manual costs can be purchased from us for $50 (US or CDN).

The book covers the following topics:

Chapter 1. Introduction to Composting

Chapter 2. Elements of Composting – the microbes and process parameters

Chapter 3. Feedstock and Material Handling – understanding and preparing the organic waste for composting

Chapter 4. Active Composting – understanding the parameters and the various types of active composting processes

Chapter 5. Curing and Postprocessing – what to do after composting

Chapter 6. Environmental Considerations – odor and leachate management

Chapter 7. Finished Compost – properties, uses and markets

Chapter 8. Regulations Affecting Compost and Its Use

Chapter 9. Health and Safety, Fire, Record Keeping,

Chapter 10. Calculations – sizing, bulk density, moisture, C/N ratio

Download the Table of Contents or place an order for your own copy of the Compost Facility Operator Manual below!

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