Compostex® Breathable Covers

Protecting Valuable Compost from Precipitation and Weed Seeds

Compostex® breathable covers are an inexpensive solution for maintaining high quality compost during the composting or curing process.

The main benefit of the covers is that it keeps precipitation from entering the composting or curing windrows, which means that the compost remains aerobic and continues to proces or cure.

Additional benefits include odor reduction (tests have shown approximately 50% reduction in volatile organic carbon emission), moisture retention during the drier summer months, and prevention of contamination from windblown weed seeds.

Compostex® breathable covers can be manufactured in widths up to 60 ft wide and 164 ft long. Standard widths include 18 ft, 24 ft and 36 ft.

“We are committed to using our 30 years of experience to encouraging composting processes that are environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable.”

“We encourage recycling organic matter effectively to produce safe and high quality composts!”

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