Consulting to Improve the Composting Process, Meet Regulatory Expectations, or Improve Product Quality

Dr. John Paul has an extensive background in the theory and practice of composting, as well as developing compost products. We can assist you with feasibility studies to determine if composting is a good option for you, provide suggestions and feedback to improve your composting process, and assist you or compost facilities in your community meet regulatory requirements.

On Site Compost Operator Training

Transform can provide on site compost operator training to help you optimize your composting process. Dr. Paul has taught a Compost Facility Operator training course since 2006, and is co-author of the Compost Facility Operator Manual. He has extensive experience with all types of composting processes.

Composting Process Review

Transform can provide an on-site compost facility review for all aspects of your compost facility, including material receiving, preparation for composting, active composting, screening, curing and odor control.

Recent consulting projects that Transform has been involved with include:

  • Concept design and costing for a food waste and yard waste composting program – Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio.
  • Senior reviewer for a Compost Standard and Compost Guidelines for the Northwest Territories.
  • Senior contributor to promoting community food waste composting on the farm – Recycling Council of Alberta. (Read More…)
  • Design and implementation of a 20,000 tonne per year separated solid waste composting operation – Alberta.
  • Odor assessment for a compost facility – Metro Vancouver.
  • Odor and water compliance for mushroom compost facilities – British Columbia.
  • Establishing a composting process as an alternative to burial or cremation – Return Home, Seattle. (YouTube video)
  • Review of compost facility and process, designing facility expansion – Comox Valley Regional District.
  • Farm animal mortality composting videos and best management practices – BC Ministry of Agriculture. (Read More…)
  • Managing composting of 250,000 birds, plus eggs, manure and feed during an Avian Flue event – Canadian Food Inspection Agency, British Columbia.
  • Review, recommendations and design to improve residential organics composting program – City of Whitehorse.

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“We are committed to using our 30 years of experience to encouraging composting processes that are environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable.”

“We encourage recycling organic matter effectively to produce safe and high quality composts!”

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A Resource Book for your Compost Facility Operators

This Compost Facility Operator Manual costs can be purchased from us for $50 (US or CDN).

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